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SA YJR On The Charge in Monarto

Round two of the South Australian Motocross Series was hosted by the SCMX club at their Monarto track. Conditions were perfect and the weather to suit once the heavy fog had cleared and the GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing Team were set for a big weekend and hoping to consolidate their positions from round one.

Alex Larwood came into the round leading both 85cc and 125cc classes on board his potent YZ machines. Racing both classes kept Alex busy with six races throughout the day but again he handled it with style.

Alex set the tone from the first gate drop racing out to an early lead and pulling a gap. His determination and skills combined have kept him ahead of his competition so far this series and today would be no different.

Alex won five out of the six motos he contested, including a clean sweep on his YZ125. The only blemish in his day came with a DNF on his 85cc when he had an issue with his throttle cable. He results saw him win the day on the 125 with 1-1-1 finishes, while his 1-DNF-1 was good enough for sixth overall on the 85cc.

"The track was sweet today, I'm not happy about the DNF on the 85 but thats racing and these things happen, you just have to move on," exclaimed young Larwood. We got it sorted and I was able to finish with a win so all up it was a good weekend for me.

Thomas Larwood comes into the round second in the points after some close racing at round one. He has worked hard since then and showed up ready to race, taking the holeshot in moto one and led from start to finish in a great display of riding.

With the moto one confidence boost, Thomas then proceeded to holeshot the remaining two races and lead them both from start to finish with some very impressive riding. In his best performance in some time, he finished with a perfect score and now leads the points heading into round three.

"I'm stoked with how today went! I have been practicing some things I needed to improve on since round one and it was good to see that pay off today. Now I just have to keep working on them to get even better," said Thomas.

Taj Gow Smith came into the round hoping to improve on his round one result and make the podium at round two but unfortunately for Taj things just didn't quiet go to plan. He got a mid pack start in moto one but still rode well to climb his way up to fourth by end of moto.

Moto two seen a better start but the day got a bit rough from here. Taj got muscled off the track once before getting taken out in a turn. He dropped to near last before he put on a big charge to get back to 8th place. Moto three saw another top five start but with a few bruises he settled for a fifth-place finish and ended up fifth overall for the day.

"I wanted to get my first podium today but it didnt work out that way so I will have to keep working hard so I can make it happen at round three. I learned some lessons today so next time I will be better when the racing gets tight," Gow Smith said.

SA Team Manager Shane Metcalfe was extremely happy with the way his team applied themselves over the weekend.

"Today we got to see Thomas grow in confidence which has been missing for the past year, so it was rewarding to see him win after the work he has been doing. He handled the pressure well and focussed on what was in front of him and deserves his success today.

Alex just rode awesome, he is hungry to win and he fights for every position heading into that first turn, it was unfortunate that he had a DNF but he is only 20 points behind and I know he can make them up.

Taj rode great today. He improved a couple things from round one and he learnt some race craft today in defending your position, he will grow from his efforts, "commented Metcalfe.

The next round will be held at MRA Gillman Motocross track on the 17/18th June.

SAMX  Round Two Results

12-U16yrs 85cc BW, 1st Rory Hill - KTM, 2nd Kai Newbold - KTM, 3rd Jaxon Rayner - Suzuki, 5th Taj Gow Smith  GYTR-YJR, 6th Alex Larwood  GYTR-YJR

13-U16yrs 125cc, 1st Alex Larwood  GYTR-YJR, 2nd Michael Murphy - Yamaha, 3rd Cooper Sheidow  KTM

13-U16yrs 250F, 1st Thomas Larwood  GYTR-YJR, 2nd Travis Edwards - Honda, 3rd Michael Murphy  Yamaha

Championship Standings- After Round Two

12-U16 years 85cc, 1st Rory Hill  195, 2nd Kai Newbold  178, 3rd Alex Larwood  175 (Yamaha YZ85), 4th Jaxon Rayner  164, 5th Taj Gow Smith  161 (Yamaha YZ85)

13-U16 125cc, 1st Alex Larwood  210 (Yamaha YZ125), 2nd Rory Hill  170, 3rd Kai Newbold  155

13-U16 years 250cc, 1st Thomas Larwood  204 (Yamaha YZ250F), 2nd Travis Edwards  196, 3rd Noah Coad - 168

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